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Strength & Conditioning Research is the online home of Chris Beardsley. Here you will find scientific information about strength training, athletic performance, and muscle growth.

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Monthly research review magazine

Chris publishes a monthly research review, analyzing ten of the most important new studies every month. Here is a free sample of the September 2018 edition.

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Their hard work makes the industry better

Ramsey Nijem

I strongly recommend that all sport science students and strength coaches make use of the Strength & Conditioning Research website and their monthly review. All of their work is great, and I find it a go to source for many topics. Their hard work makes the industry better.

Ramsey Nijem, S&C Coach

A must read that is raising the standards of fitness education

Joe Lightfoot

What sets Chris apart in this industry is his knowledge across the whole breadth of a subject. Reviewing all research in an area means he can draw conclusions that are not from cherry-picked studies, but take into account the whole body of work. The S&C Research review is a “must-read” that is raising the standards of fitness education.

Dr Joseph Lightfoot, CEO

Invaluable information for working with athletes

Dan Coughlan

As a professional working in a number of related fields, including strength and conditioning in elite sport, sports science research, clinical practice, and education, I often refer to the Strength & Conditioning Research website for useful background. Both the website and the monthly S&C Research review include invaluable information for working with athletes and I often recommend them to other sports medicine professionals working in elite sport.

Dan Coughlan
England Golf Sports Science and Medicine Lead

Explains studies in simpler language

Nick Ng

Most trainers, coaches, and manual therapists are not very science literate, and may have a hard time interpreting studies that influence their decisions and hands-on work. Chris and Bret dissect studies and explain them in simpler language to help us understand them. As an editor and writer with Massage & Fitness Magazine, I often use S&C Research as a reference to make better sense of our stories.

The best resource for all things sports and exercise science

Andrew Vigotsky

Strength & Conditioning Research is undoubtedly the best, free, most comprehensive resource for all things sports and exercise science. The encyclopedia has proven again and again to be a valuable resource in my scientific endeavors, by not only complementing my literature searches, but also by providing me with an intellectually honest, succinct overview of the current literature on a given topic. I can confidently say that this website is, bar none, the best free resource for gaining in-depth knowledge on everything from foam rolling to hypertrophy and electromyography.

Andrew Vigotsky, Biomechanics researcher
Arizona State University

An invaluable contribution

Marília Coutinho

At the rate in which primary sources in science are produced, it is utterly impossible to keep up with scientific advance in any field. With Strength & Conditioning Research, Chris Beardsley makes an invaluable contribution to both practicing professionals and researchers by providing reliable reviews of the literature and helping the strength and conditioning community reach higher levels of scientific literacy.

Marília Coutinho, PhD

A missing piece for a lot of fitness professionals

Isaac Wilkins

I love the stuff that the guys at Strength & Conditioning Research are doing. I think it’s been a missing piece for a lot of fitness professionals out there for a long time.

Isaac Wilkins, S&C Coach

If you are a serious S&C coach, you are crazy to not subscribe

Shane Miller

If you are a serious S&C coach, you are crazy to not subscribe to the monthly S&C Research review. It’s $10 per month. Do not tell me you can’t afford that. You can’t afford not to. I’ve been a subscriber for about 3 years, maybe 4, and honestly it’s the best money spent! I pride myself in staying on top of research, and always have, but now it’s 2 hours of reading a week not 20+ hours!

Shane Miller, CrossFit Coach

A great place to read about the science of muscle gain and fat loss


Successful physique transformation requires practical expertise and a solid scientific understanding. Good old-fashioned bodybuilding fat loss techniques are best learned from a mentor, while the Strength & Conditioning Research website is a great place to read about the science of muscle gain and fat loss.

Dr Emil Hodzovic

Detailed and insightful analysis

Joe Warner

Chris Beardsley is one of the UK’s – if not the world’s – leading summarisers of the sports science behind increasing muscular strength and size. He has been an invaluable contributor to IronLife magazine with incredibly detailed and insightful analysis of the existing research to better inform our readers of the smarter way to train.

Joe Warner, Editorial Director

Phenomenal standard

Chris’s knowledge, passion and understanding within the field of S&C research is truly unparalleled. All of his resources and services, including the monthly S&C Research review, are of a phenomenal standard, and consistently help to drive forward the expertise within S&C coaching at all levels.

Roy Barber, S&C Coach

Very valuable reference source

Lars Avemarie

The Strength & Conditioning Research website is a very valuable reference source for science-based information, with detailed reviews of how to improve strength, hypertrophy, and power. As a physiotherapy student with a strong focus in science-based practice, soon to become a evidence-based clinician, I put great value in the tremendous amount of reference-based (with citations) information that the website and monthly review provide me with, and it saves me heaps of time.

Lars Avemarie
Personal trainer & physiotherapy student

Exactly the kind of resource personal trainers should read

Chris Foster

The monthly S&C Research review is exactly the kind of resource that personal trainers should be reading regularly. I would strongly encourage fitness professionals in all walks of life to make use of it. It can help them develop a more scientific understanding of how to help their clients lose fat, gain muscle, and achieve their fitness goals.

Chris Foster, Professional Head of Fitness

Recommended reading for all sports medicine professionals

Mike Loosemore

Recently, I completed several studies of boxing injury. Working together with Chris Beardsley on these projects was invaluable, because of his knowledge of a broad range of research literature. I strongly recommend his Strength & Conditioning Research website as a background resource to all sports medicine professionals, and the S&C Research monthly review is an ideal way to stay current with the latest relevant sports science.

Dr Mike Loosemore
Consultant, Sports & Exercise Medicine

A very valuable resource for strength coaches

Owen Satterley

The Strength & Conditioning Research website is an excellent source of information for all students of sport science, and a very valuable resource for strength coaches. I particularly recommend the pages on strength and rate of force development.

Owen Satterley
Head of Strength & Conditioning, Hartpury College

The best investment in continued education

Sam Kelvey

The information at Strength & Conditioning Research is without doubt my best investment in continued education – even the free stuff is gold.

Sam Kelvey, S&C Coach
SAW Performance

I only wish I had found it sooner!

Andrew Chappell

S&C Research has done all the hard work for you! It provides an outstanding scientific overview on a diverse range of topics related to strength and conditioning. Always my first port of call for all subjects relating to strength and conditioning, it is an unrivaled resource for researchers, tutors, students or anyone who has an interest in picking heavy things up, and putting them down again. I only wish I had found it sooner!

Andrew Chappell, PhD
ProNatural Bodybuilder

The most thorough, free resource for the latest research

Dan Ogborn

The Strength & Conditioning Research website really stands alone in that it’s without a doubt the most thorough, free resource for the latest research regarding human performance. Their organized approach to covering a vast array of topics ensures that those seeking quick answers will find what they’re looking for in a flash.

Dan Ogborn, PhD

They expertly review the latest literature

Adam Meakins

As a busy physio with a previous background in S&C, it can be a struggle to keep up to date with all the research constantly produced from both professions. So it is a real blessing to have people I can trust like Chris and his team. They expertly, professionally and succinctly review all the latest S&C literature, and present it on this website as well as in the monthly S&C Research review.

Adam Meakins, Physiotherapist

A tremendous resource

Andrew Flatt

I have worked as both a strength and conditioning coach and as an exercise physiology researcher, and the Strength & Conditioning Research website has been a tremendous resource for me since day one.

Andrew Flatt, Researcher

The busier I get, the more I appreciate it

Lou Schuler

The busier I get, the more I appreciate the Strength & Conditioning Research website. I always find something related to whatever I’m working on, saving me countless hours of research, and it’s often something I wouldn’t have found on my own.

The ultimate guide for exercise professionals!

Nash Anderson

Building a great online resource for anything is incredibly hard but very rewarding. I know this because of my work with SportsMedNews, which aims to provide high-quality, open access health and sports medicine information. Likewise, with Strength & Conditioning Research, Chris Beardsley is creating the ultimate guide for exercise professionals, with pages covering training for strength, athletic development, physique enhancement and biomechanics. Strongly recommended!

Nash Anderson

A fantastic solution for coaches

Keir Wenham-Flatt

As a coach, I feel a responsibility to my athletes to keep abreast of sport science research, to expand my knowledge, and to look for ways to incrementally improve. Sifting through research, getting access to journals, and having the time to read, process and appraise the findings is a major barrier. Chris’s research review is a fantastic solution for coaches facing this problem: pertinent research, expertly-critiqued, and with the real-world implications spelled out!

Keir Wenham-Flatt

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